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Monday, January 19, 2015

Hand Me Those Scissors...

This morning, the first thing I did was tape off the front window, so that I could paint the inside of the observatory.

 Please ignore the fact that I also taped the outside of the window... I really didn't need to.

It was decided that the inside would be the color of the night sky... Midnight Blue Ceramacoat.
Here it is with one coat on.  I am thinking that I might paint some constellations on the inside of the dome.  Nobody will probably ever see them, but I will know that they are there.

I still haven't decided on the shape of the extension on the back... Yes.  I still want to put one on.

I am now thinking that, since this building is going to match the music room tower, maybe I will put the two together in a garden setting.  One for Tessie and the other for Zar...

I will let them settle which will get what. 
They each seem to like both buildings.  Maybe they can share?  And trade off, depending on the mood...

Nope.  That will never work.  they are just going to do more fighting over whom gets what...

Oh well.  Let them fight it out.

I have started doing the stone work.  This is going to be problematic... Every stone will be hand cut as I go... Wish me luck!

Did I mention that I am using the infamous movie trays for this.  They are working well... However, I think that I may need to go to a couple more movies soon.

See you tomorrow.

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beyondbaffled said...

Oh Casey it's been forever - I need to catch up on your blog! I like the idea of painting constellations even though no one will probably ever see them but you. I'm currently contemplating how to turn bendy straws into pvc pipes for under the sink in my cottage. And I thought why am I even worried with making it look authentic, am I going to leave the cabinet door open so everyone can see?! No, probably not, but I'll know they are there!