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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Play Time....

First of all, I should never clean my workroom...

I found all kinds of cording for making jewelry.

Second of all, I should never spend the afternoon watching You Tube videos on Wrap Bracelets...

I did both... Bad move on my part...
 This morning, Walter went to play special Saturday golf. 

I decided that if he could play, so could I.

I saw a couple of videos on Chan Luu styled wrapped bracelets.  Then I saw one about doing them with mixed beads, primitive style.

This is the result. 
For a first try, it's not bad, but I found out a few things about them.  Regular rawhide strips work, but not very well.  They twist while in the working stage.

The next one I make will be with a different kind of thread.  This was just beading thread and adds nothing to the bracelet.

I really like the wrap bracelets with about three wraps... That would be three times as long as this and go around the wrist three times. 

I could see no reason to make this one more than one wrap... And besides, I cut the leather too short.

I have to look at it from a positive standpoint.  I got rid of some of the rawhide that was just laying there.  I got rid of some beads that I got at that last garage sale.  And an odd button too.

I may just have to try another one... My excuse is... If I do it right away, I will remember how to do it.

We won't talk about time wasted playing or materials used up in the process... I am just going to look at it as a Positive Play Day!

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: great. I like your jewels. Keep in touch

elizabeth s said...

Your bracelet has a very Southwestern look, made more so, with the usage of the silver button closure. A Really interesting mix of textures too! Beautiful work Casey! :))