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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Moons of Saturn...

 When I got up this morning, there was a big pile of fabric in front of Daisy's Cottage... With a note attached... Well actually it was more like a short order and I am the cook..

It said. "Fabric for the Time Machine bench."  That was all.  Not even an "If you please."

I did find another short one inside the folds. It said, "Moons of Saturn"... I am not sure if that is what the fabric reminds Daisy of or if it is an address for where she got it...

Anyway, I took the hint and made the bench.  It is basically the same as the ones in the kitchen but two legs and ovals, instead of one leg and circles. 

I stained the two small ovals for the bottom footing and one of the large ones for the bottom of the top of the bench.
I then took the other oval and padded it with two layers of quilt batting. 

I cut an oval that was about 3/4" larger than the oval all around.  I slashed that with Vs all around, so that there would not be extra layers of fabric.  I trimmed the ends more after I got them glued down.
I then glued that to the bottom of the top.

I trimmed the edge of both the bottom and the top with fancy braid.

I am not sure that I shouldn't have made it to match the desktop, with leather and studs.

Oh well, it is just something to sit on a few minutes at a time.  Not a lot of wear and tear.
I worked on the rug more yesterday.  What I did took several hours.  I am getting there slowly but surely.

The real rug is on the right.  The two on the left are the patterns I made to work from.  Together, they make a complete pattern.  I am too lazy to go back and combine the two. 

I would say that I have about two thirds of it done.  I am nothing, if not determined to finish it...

Oh! Oh!  I just found another note in the fabric... This one is a little longer...

It reads, "Dear Casey, The rug that you are stitching would look fabulous in the time machine.  That's a hint... Love Daisy."

That's not going to happen.  This rug is MINE! 

Daisy, if you are reading this.... Go make your own rug!  I'm not doing this one twice! And besides, it wouldn't fit. Too big.

See you tomorrow...


Vivian Fox said...

Fab bench, and the time machine is just a little work of art.
All the best

12Create said...

Great little seat - love the fabric.

Lucille said...

What a cute little bench and a nice tutorial! The time machine looks fascinating with all those wheels! Thanks for the tut, Casey!

Fabiola said...

Your bench is very nice; I really like the fabric.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Great work on the bench. Do you get paid for any of these orders and projects people throw at you. You'd be rich!
Big hug,