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Monday, November 24, 2014

Freak Out and Throw Things!

This weekend, I did some wandering... On the computer.  I wanted things to hang on the wall and books and magazines.

I put Steampunk in the MSN search box and then hit images.  That always brings up all kinds of things to play with.

I found a Sherlock Holmes poster from an early movie.  Now Daisy can either take it off of the wall or take a bath with Mr. Holmes watching over her.  Tessie doesn't seem to mind. 

I found this poster for the "Great Western Air Ship".  Since the walls upstairs are all slanted, I am not going to get fancy framing things.  At least not until everything is in place.

I grabbed several other ones that would work either in Steampunk or in Daisy's place.

I saved them all in a file and then on one piece of card stock, I printed a bunch of stuff. 

I first put them in my Printshop 15 program and re sized them to fit on the page.  You can do this with any greeting card program or whatever program you have that will do the job.

This bunch of Magazines came from one of my favorite sites.  Jennifer's Printables. She has all kinds of magazines, posters, food packages and miniature wallpaper for the taking.  Great stuff.

The clock face, I got somewhere else.

I found the paper Tardis to put together just by doing a search for "Tardis images". It was supposed to be one that fit on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet.  I simply reduced it in all directions. 

Everything that you see here was printed on one piece of cardstock.

My favorite thing is the poster that I hung in the kitchen.  It won't be seen unless you put your head far to the right and peak in at the left wall.

There are so many versions of the WWII poster... "Keep Calm and Carry On"...  I was looking for different versions, again on images.  I liked the one with the reference to "Big Bang Theory".  "Keep calm and Sing Soft Kitty".  But then I saw this one and thought that it made more sense than any of the others.

Hey!  The sign fits.  It looks like someone freaked out and threw things in the kitchen right now.  I have to stop typing and get to work on that kitchen...

See you tomorrow.

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Lené said...

I love those posters! You find the coolest stuff to give your builds a unique personality. Now I'm probably going to lose a few hours just surfing the internet for steampunk pictures hehehehehe.