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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Living Dangerously....

It is always dangerous to let Tessie choose upholstery fabric. 

She always goes for the same piece and there is about two yards of it...  If she had her way, everything she owns would be covered in the black and white skeleton fabric that is laying to the left of the chair.  I think that would be a bit of overkill on a skull shaped chair...

I am leaning towards either the zebra print of the orange circles.  They will both go with the fabric that she already has in the townhouse living room. 

I am up to the hard part of the chair now.  I have to narrow down the top circle... Not a whole lot of fun.

I did get a bit more of the bedroom rug finished.  Not a lot... Real life sometimes gets in the way...
Now for the cute part of living dangerously...

I bought some child's Fiskar scissors for Amare a few months ago... He is learning to cut... And doing well at it...With supervision..

April sent me a couple of photos last night...

When I talked to Amare, he informed me that they were dangerous!  Mom has been teaching him the right way.

The scissors are not pointy and they are also spring opening with a mechanism in the handle, like my grown up ones. 

He is off to a great start.  April told me that they may try paper mache after he gets done cutting strips...  Better her, than me!

I am off to fight with string and wire some more.  And maybe a bit more needle and thread too.

See you tomorrow.


Sarah Sequins said...

My Monster High dolls would like to tell Tessie that she has excellent taste in fabric. Those little skeletons are adorable!

We're putting together a Halloween-themed quilt for their room in time for Dolloween. Everyone's very happy with my choice of fabrics, although Toralei keeps sneaking in scraps of tiger stripe and leopard print fabric. Werecats. *Sigh.*

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
It is great to see you pass the artistic baton to the little guy! Good luck getting your way with the fabric.
Big hug,