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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rocky Raccoon is in the House.....

I promised you the pattern for the beanbag chairs today. Here you go! If you enlarge it to the point that the length of the narrower pattern is 4 1/4" long and the wider one is 4 1/2", you will have two different shapes. I have always preferred the narrower one, but someone may want a larger one. Take your choice.

I haven't had a chance to hunt up the example yet....It's somewhere around here. I will try to get a photo by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, have at it. It is simple enough to do and you can refer to the photos from yesterday, if need be.

First you cut out the pattern pieces. Be sure to leave a seam allowance. It isn't included in the pattern. I usually do it 1/8" if I am doing the stitching by hand and 1/4" if by machine.

First stitch all of the long seams into a tube. Then starting with the top, pin and sew the piece to the smaller neck of the tube, wrong sides together. Do the same with the larger end leaving at least one section of the panels open. You have to turn it right side out, fill it and then stitch the last of the seam by hand. Not my favorite part.

I usually use either salt or sand to fill pillows and beanbags in miniature. Be sure to fill it enough so that it will have a nice shape when someone sits in it. Don't over stuff it. If you do that, you won't be able to wiggle around and make a nest in it. I would say maybe about 2/3 full. You may have to experiment a bit. Just sit it on the table upside down, with the opening at the top and start filling....You should be able to tell when there is enough.

Rosanna of La Stanza Di Guiggiola helped me out with a comment yesterday. The correct name for this chair is a Fracchia chair. It's from a popular comic movie in Italy. I am going to go look around for some more info now that I have a clue where to look. Thanks for the lead Rosanna!

Now....About that title. I finally got even with Tessie for all of her harassing. I brought home a raccoon for her to contend with this morning.

I found him running around Target and asked if he liked tomatoes.....He does!

That should keep Tessie busy until I can find the Fraccia chair example. Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


rosanna said...

Thank you Casey, I'll try it.If you look on Google "poltrona sacco" you'll find a lot of them. They are much cheaper now :o)I'll try to find a You Tube movie of Fracchia trying to seat on the bagchair: it's really humorous.Hugs Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Thanks again,Rosanna!

Susanne said...

Dear Casey
Thanks for your story about the chairs.
The small balls inside the chairs are also called Krøyer Balls, named after a danish ingeneur, who in 1964 tried to raise a ship from the ocean outside Kuwait by the aid of small balls made of Styropor, which has been devleoped by the German compagny BASF years earlier.
In Denmark we call the chairs SÆKKESTOLE sække=sacks stole=chairs, and a famous one is the one called FATBOY.
Love, Susanne

Deni said...

I luv Rocky the racoon he's a cutie!!!
May keep Tessie amused for a bit...maybe'
The bean bags mmm I had those but they didn't look neat enough for me and I had to keep filling them up otherwise your butt would be on the floor lol
Interesting story though Casey!
And they were fun!!!! the kids luved them!