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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's About Time!

I have been lax in greeting new people to the party! Sorry. My excuse is the same as every other person out there. Holidays get in the way.

Anyway, here goes!

We have a lot of new people.

First is Diidem at Bu Blogda Ara She has recently started blogging and hers is very interesting. It is in Turkish, but Blogger easily fixes that.

Next is Angeles at El Rincon de Baldu There are tiny bears living in her dollhouse. Cute!

Then there is Pandora Box and Miniaturemade. I don't have information for either of them.

Next is Kate. She says that she is planning on starting her own blog soon. Get to writing Kate! We would all like to see your work!

Then there is Lotte. She is at Was ist los in Wuselhausen. She has lots of nice minis for you to view.
And the newest guest is Moni from Moni's Miniaturen. Minis and more minis to see!

Welcome to the party, all of you. Sorry I took so long to greet you!

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Debbie said...

Casey here is the link to Pandora's Box:-