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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All Tied Up

Here's the pattern for the folded tie that I promised you yesterday. These are very easy to make and I'll bet you can't make just one! Just remember to use natural fabrics. If you use poly or other synthetic you will be tearing your hair out by the time you finish one. Remember the glue factor? The first photo is the one that you want to copy to your computer. Then you can re size it to 4 1/2" long. I took the measurements off of one of my husband's ties. They haven't changed much in measurements for many years. You can change the width if you want, but this one measures about 3" across in real life and I wouldn't make it much wider than that. I cut the form out of regular index card.
The next photo shows the tie form glued to the fabric. Please note that I have put it on the diagonal(bias) on this one. You can do it either bias or straight. It makes no difference since it is glued right to the card stock. You will want to trim the fabric about 1/8" from the edge. It should be narrower than the tie form itself. I cut out notches in the corners and on the tip of the tie. You don't have to notch the sides. The fabric is so narrow there that there won't be a problem getting it to lie down right on the back of the tie.
When you finish gluing the edges to the back side, the front should look like this.
The last step is to fold the tie in half with glue on the back. Then fold it in half again. Either lay it somewhere for display or hang it over a rack or chair. Put some glue on it to keep it folded.
I did this one out of regular cotton shirting material. If you want to get fancy, find some old silk ties with a small pattern at a thrift shop (or in your husband's closet).
A couple of the ties on the rack in previous entries are from silk ties. The rest are straight out of my cotton stash.
I hope you have fun with these. I know I did.
See you tomorrow.

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